The Stone Lotus will lead the English publishing of all XaviVerso books

Author and book publisher Xavier Marcé has announced the production of English editions of all the XaviVerso books, with The Stone Lotus being the first one in being published. This 2024 will see the fruit of a large investment to enhance the international projection of all our books, first in English and, later, in other languages to be confirmed. The English edition of The Stone Lotus has already been completed and is currently undergoing proofreading and editing.

The English version of The Stone Lotus will be followed by our most recent thriller: Yes, they will pass! After them, work is being done on a new edition of the English edition of Mark of Odin: The Awakening, which was published in 2018 and to which the changes and improvements that the original version has received in recent years will be applied. The other two Mark of Odin books, Road to Valhalla and Ragnarok, are also in the process of being translated, along with all of the Odinpedia extended content, including the bonus chapters.

“I have always been clear that if we wanted to grow, we had to do so both within Spain and, above all, outside. In recent years my books, with Mark of Odin: The Awakening as an pioneer, both in Spanish and English, have been the great reference,” said Xavier Marcé. “Now, if I want to aspire to be able to seduce more readers around the planet, I have no choice but to take this crucial step forward and do everything necessary to make all my books available in English. It is an illusion that a thriller like The Stone Lotus, with which I seek to connect Spain with Vietnam, can begin this new stage of internationalization.”

Cubierta de El loto de piedra

We release the English version of XaviVerso

As proof of our commitment to the internationalization of our books, from today XaviVerso launches an English version. Starting today, all international users will be able to access our content, as well as purchase the Mark of Odin Online Pass, with which they can enjoy its bonus chapters and extended stories.

The English and future language editions will be independent of each other. That means, purchasing a Spanish edition will not give access to its English version, nor vice versa. Each language will offer exclusive achievements in their linked languages.

Once the new editions in English are available, they can be purchased in our store in their digital collector versions and in their standard formats, both in paper (Amazon), and in ebook and audiobook on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books and Kobo.



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