Yes, They Will Pass!

Prepare to be surprised and open your eyes to a fictional journalistic-political thriller inspired by modern events in Spain. Through 24 tweets, people and chapters,  author Xavier Marcé makes a fierce criticism of journalism, politics and society, in what is possibly his most controversial novel.

Yes, they will pass! Civil war in 24 tweets

Could the democracy of a European Union nation be in danger in the 21st century? Find the answer in this political and journalistic thriller that imagines a fiction that could seem more real than one would like to believe.

24 tweets, 24 hours, 24 people, 24 chapters… That tell how the destiny of a country changed.

On November 23, 2023, a shocking event takes place that completely changes the history of Spain. Some will call it “Coup d’état”, others “Auto-coup d’état”, but all will agree in defining it as “The 24-hour Spanish civil war”.

Told through the testimonies collected by the journalist and researcher Juan Vega a year later, this document captures, in a terrifyingly plausible way, a fictional Spain that could well be the real one much sooner than the average citizen imagines.

A civil war in a EU country?

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24 tweets, 24 hours, 24 people, 24 chapters...

That tell how the destiny of a country changed.

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The transmedia universe...

In ‘Yes, they will pass. Civil War in 24 tweets‘ the transmedia component is clearly visible in the recreation of all the main characters that appear in this thriller. Thus, readers will be able to see perfectly the recreation of each of them, as you can see in this sample of those that appear in the book below.