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If you are looking for a gift with which to make a difference and be truly original with your clients, employees or friends, XaviVerso books are your best choice. With us you can give the gift of culture, fun and a unique transmedia universe that never stops growing with which to make them see that nothing is impossible for your company or event.

With our deals for groups (from 25 units) you can get our books in paper and digital (ebook and audiobook) with discounts of 50% and even have personalized editions of paper books (From 50 units).

NOTE: Deals and promotions for English editions are not available (Coming soon!)

Give away the XaviVerso Books

To enjoy our books, if you are a company or if you want to give our books as a gift during your special event, at XaviVerso we want to offer you a series of options with which you can give away our books with all the facilities so that you can Be original with your friends, family, clients or workers.

Main characteristics of group deals:

  • Orders from 25 units
  • Best price possible
  • Paperback editions are printed and shipped from Amazon
    • Consult us for rates
  • Free shipping (To a single destination)
    • Only countries available to ship from Amazon stores (consult us)
  • VAT included
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Once payment is confirmed, the copies will be delivered within a period of 2-4 weeks by courier
    • Important: If the order must be ready for a specific event It must be ordered with enough notice to ensure that it can be on time and avoid any unforeseen events. If it is a Christmas gift, please place the order as early as possible
  • Digital Collector’s Editions codes will be sent by email

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Our books


The saga of Mark of Odin merges modern events with Norse mythology and science fiction, with Seville as main scenario, in a way that you could never have believed and that will make you feel like you are inside a movie. This is helped by its innovative literary model that unites the experience of reading with the potential of an online platform with gamification features (Awarded by the magazine Actualidad Económica with the 100 Best Ideas of 2013 Award). In it, readers will be able to have a progression experience beyond the books thanks to the extended universe of bonus chapters and extended stories. All of them accompanied with illustrations, 3D renders, videos, music and much more to live a comprehensive experience like never before. More than 155,000 readers have already joined the #MarkedbyOdin.

LMDOED Octubre 2023 RGB a 1500px

Mark of Odin: The Awakening

It is the first issue of the saga, introducing its universe in a surprising and very exciting approach. What seems like a normal modern story, with some science fiction, ends up becoming a dizzying race for the survival of humankind.

Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla

In the second book, readers awaken to a new universe for them, in which what they believed myths, seem to be truer, although different, than what they believed. The protagonists must embark on a long path to discover who they are, what their destiny is and what they can do to protect the future of their loved ones.

LMDO ECAV Cubierta Amazon 1500px
LMDO Ragnarok 1500px 2023

Mark of Odin: Ragnarok

In the third book, readers must make the decision to join their characters to face the battle of the end of times, the Ragnarok. Everything is going to precipitate in a dizzying storm of epic action without stop. Will they be able to survive and defeat the evil that threatens the entire galaxy?


Get ready to enter a fast-paced fiction thriller in which suspense and action prevail, which will take you from Spain to Vietnam. With a beginning inspired by historical events, this novel touches on hot topics in today’s society with much criticism, while showing the culture of Vietnam and some of its most emblematic locations that will make you fall in love with the country.

Portada El loto de piedra - XaviVerso 1400x2100


SI Pasaran - RGB a1500px

Could democracy be at risk in a European Union nation in the 21st century? Prepare to be surprised and open your eyes to a fictional journalistic-political thriller inspired by modern events in Spain. Through 24 tweets, people and chapters, the author Xavier Marcé makes a fierce criticism of journalism, politics and current society, in what is possibly his most controversial novel.

Paperback Editions Options

Despite that the paperback editions we sell on Amazon doesn’t include Online Pass codes, for group deals and promotions we will include them for you. They will be sent separately by email. For international editions, we can only offer deals for separated books and no packs like we do in Spain.

Our English paperback options will be available soon!


Digital Editions Options

If what you are looking for is the most economical, direct and immediate option, our digital collector’s editions are the best choice.

Main characteristics of group deals in digital editions:

  • Orders from 25 units
  • Best price possible (50% discount on the base price)*
  • They include Online Pass keys that give access to:
    • eBook Edition
    • Audiobook Edition
  • Free shipping by email
    • To a single recipient
    • Send to a recipient list with a custom template
  • VAT included
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