Mark of Odin: The Awakening

Mark of Odin: The Awakening is the first issue of a transmedia literary saga of fantastic fiction where modern times meet Norse mythology and science fiction like you would never have imagined.

September 2012

Luis is a young college student who is about to graduate as an aerospace engineer and an elite skydiver who loves to fly. Together with his classmate Eva, he aspires to contribute to the development of the new generation of space shuttles within the new European Aerospace Center in Seville. He feels that his life is perfect… Only some enigmatic dreams that have been repeated every night for the last few weeks worry him. Some dreams that will make him ask questions for which he cannot find answers. Can a dream change your life? Is our future predestined? Although Luis does not know it, not only his future, but that of all of humankind will depend on his answer to these questions.

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