Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla

Road to Valhalla continues the epic adventure shortly after the events that mark the end of The Awakening. Are you prepared to take this path that will reveal great enigmas of the saga while providing new surprises and a lot of action?

Jack Preston and the survivors of the #SevilleDisaster try to restore their lives and put together the pieces of the enigma. Why were they attacked? Who are these aliens and their saviors? Is the Earth still in danger? Who is behind the mysterious disappearances after the battle? Is everything connected? Meanwhile, Luis will wake up on the ship Valhalla confused and surrounded by strangers who treat him as if he were a reborn god. He will have to undertake a long journey across the galaxy. An epic that will lead him to discover not only who the Order of the Valkyries, the Borean Federation and the terrible Hekkar are, but who he really is and what his role is in saving humankind before the end of time, before Ragnarok.

Continue your journey in Mark of Odin

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The extended universe

Once you have completed reading Mark of Odin: Road to Valhalla, registered readers in will be able to indicate it to access its extended universe. This is made up of bonus chapters and extended stories, which are accompanied by transmedia content such as illustrations, photographs, videos or music.

By doing so you will have access to:

  • 3 bonus chapters
    • The Battle of Jötunheim
    • The Edge of the Katana
    • The Hidden Signal
  • Volume 1 of the Odinpedia
    • 44 extended stories