Xavier Marcé

Author biography

Born in 1982 in Barcelona, Xavier Marcé graduated in Journalism in the city of Seville, the place he established his permanent residence, after having lived in Casablanca, Zurich, Oslo and Hanoi.

Since 1996 he has specialized in the communication and management of online communities, mainly in the video game sector. He began his journalistic work by collaborating for three years in Micromanía Magazine , being responsible for the Online Zone section. In 2004 he founded, together with David Puig, the first magazine in Spanish specialized in massively multiplayer online gaming, Juegaenred.com, and would direct it until 2013, at which time He left it to create a new magazine, GoMultiplayer.

In 2007 he made the leap into the video game industry with Funcom as Spanish Community Manager of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and The Secret World until 2010. Since then he has combined the publishing world with that of video games, mainly with Megapop Games, launching titles such as Trolls vs Vikings 1 & 2, Meganumbers, Haxity or Rob Riches, and the university world as a teacher in the Master in Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies of the University of Seville.

A proactive and restless person, Xavier Marcé has set out to create new paths for literature with the transmedia literary saga of ‘The Mark of Odin‘. After the launch of the first three books in the saga: ‘The Awakening‘, ‘The Road to Valhalla‘ and ‘Ragnarok‘, Marcé launches ‘The stone lotus‘ its first fiction thriller novel independent fruit of his stay in Vietnam in 2022. In 2023 he decides to unify all his current and future works under the brand of ‘XaviVerso‘, the literary universe of Xavier Marcé where everything Are you connected. In addition, he publishes the political thriller ‘ Yes, they will pass. Spanish Civil War in 24 tweets ‘, his most controversial work to date.

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