The government wants to ban the publication of ‘Yes, they will pass’! (Innocent’s Day)

The XaviVerso team and the author Xavier Marcé want to share an urgent statement after learning of the government’s intention to prohibit the publication, distribution and sale of ‘Yes, they will pass’.

“I want to declare on my behalf and that of the XaviVerso team that we are radically against this strange decision, approved in the B.O.E. with nocturnality and treachery, without any type of prior notification. This morning I was contacted by a media outlet to have my opinion on the decision of the newly created without any publicity Secretariat of State for Truth. We cannot understand how in a European democracy, in the 21st century, a supposedly democratic government first creates an organization with this name, more typical of novels dystopian films like George Orwell’s 1984, and use it to directly censor FICTION publications, clearly violating Article 20 of the Spanish Constitution. Although we still do not know how they intend to prohibit the distribution, sale and download of ‘Yes, they will pass’, I want to assure to all readers that we will use all the legal tools at our disposal to prevent it. We cannot allow the sale of a fictional thriller to be prohibited at the gates of 2024, no matter how uncomfortable the similarity of its fictional plot to the reality to political leaders.”

Captura de Lo País sobre la prohibición de Sí pasarán

We ask readers for patience until we can fully clarify this matter. Although, just in case, we recommend that those who have not yet purchased the book in paper or digital form in ebook and audiobook do so as soon as possible in our store.

Now more than ever we need your support! We must make as much noise as possible to avoid this attack!

You can see the full news about the ban in this link.

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