Letter from the Author #89: Reborn and Reinvented

Dear #XaviVerso fans:

I’m returning to my tradition of delivering #LettersfromtheAuthor with the first one since the launch of the XaviVerso and also to inaugurate, finally, the new website of Mark of Odin. It has been a complicated birth, at times hellish, which has taken much more time, energy and resources than initially expected. Fans of the saga know that the path of the protagonists is not easy at all, it is full of challenges and obstacles, but, in the end, with tenacity and courage, one can achieve the proposed goals. We have finally managed to cross the barrier to fully start our new stage.

New Mark of Odin website

If I wanted to explain everything that has happened behind the scenes in the process of changing this website and the XaviVerso one, I wouldn’t finish. It has been an epic story, full of action, drama, even horror, mystery, with a thousand and one X-files, but, in the end, with a successful outcome, barring a last-minute plot twist, of course (I’m not going to stop praying the Great Father Odin not to have any more scares).

What matters is that #MarkedbyOdin can now access the new website and enjoy its new design and features. From there, we will keep all its extended content, digital editions and bonus chapters centralized. While in the XaviVerso we will communicate with you with everything related to all our books, in Mark of Odin you will receive exclusively everything related to the saga, such as notifications when there are new bonus chapters, extended stories or a new book.

The Dark Hybrid

All the delays caused by the new websites have had some big victims: all my projects. In other words, I’ve had to put everything I wanted to do on hold in the last few months to focus exclusively on the websites. That’s why, while I was hoping to launch the Mark of Odin website with the first bonus chapter of Ragnarok: The Dark Hybrid, you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

La marca de Odín: Ragnarok - El híbrido oscuro

My idea is to prioritize it once I’ve finished solving the remaining minor Mark of Odin portal remaining issues and share it with you. This chapter is very special to me for many reasons, but one of the most relevant is that it will have a cover by the great Manu Nieto, which I hope will surprise you.

New editions

Other projects that have been affected by the delays have been the new editions of Road to Valhalla and Ragnarok in Spanish. It is my intention that I will be able to work with them again as soon as you have The Dark Hybrid, so that I can apply all the improvements that I introduced in the sixth edition of The Awakening.

The XaviVerso books in English

As we announced weeks ago, in 2024 our main focus will be to translate and publish all my books in English, as well as to launch a new edition of the English version of The Awakening.

Téaser de The Stone Lotus

The Stone Lotus will be the first to be published as it has already been translated. It’s currently in the proofreading and editing phase, so hopefully sometime this spring we’ll be able to launch it. This will be followed by the English edition of Yes, They Will Pass! and then those of the Mark of Odin books. If we manage to successfully complete these projects, the next goal will be to translate into new languages.

Tour in Asia 2024

I want to share with you that I am absent from Spain again, for at least four months. I’m going back to Asia, where I hope, if I succeed, to force myself to rest for a few weeks and then work from there for several months. This will be the third year in a row that I am living there and I hope to be able to continue developing contacts and business avenues for myself in the region.

The current situation in Spain and Europe, as opposed to the one that Southeast Asia is experiencing, has encouraged me to continue looking at options to be able to grow. In Spain, as much as it hurts me, it is increasingly difficult to see a future in which it is feasible to make progress. As a result of my absence, we will not be offering personalized signatures on printed collector’s editions at this time.

The XaviVerso store

In 2024 we will work to increase our presence and sales in the main marketplaces, such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books and Kobo. Even so, we will continue to offer incentives and advantages to all those readers who buy directly from XaviVerso store. Only there will you be able to buy the paper collector’s editions of Mark of Odin and the last copies of Yes, They Will Pass! (there are very few left, so if you want to don’t wait for them to sell out).

Tienda del Xaviverso

On the other hand, we are going to work to boost the sale of digital collectors’ editions, which include ebooks, audiobooks and extended content. We want readers from all over the world, not just from Spain, to be able to enjoy my literary universe with all the bonus.

Thank you all very much

I know that these have been difficult months, that the delays have hurt us a lot, but it has been a necessary sacrifice to be able to move forward and improve. I would like to thank all the readers who, in spite of everything, have trusted us and supported us. Those of you who have dared to let yourselves be surprised by Yes, They Will Pass! To those of you who have entered the XaviVerso and used its functionalities, earning achievements. To those of you who don’t stop recommending us and help us make ourselves known.

Xaviverso Books hits more than 168,000 readers

With more than 158,000 readers already, we continue to grow, but every individual support from you is essential. We are an independent project and we have to work much harder to have the acceptance that others have with traditional publishers.

Finally, as always, I encourage you to join our Discord community, the Telegram channel and also to add us to your WhatsApp contact list (Say hello on +34 671 48 96 90) and to continue sharing your reviews of the books. Not only in the Reviews section, but also on external platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Kobo, Lektu or Goodreads. Having a good rating and opinions there helps us a lot to attract new readers.

Remember, everything is connected.

Xavier Marcé

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