More than 160,000 readers are amazed by the XaviVerso books

The XaviVerso team is pleased to announce that more than 160,000 readers have already been surprised by the books of the writer Xavier Marcé. The Mark of Odin saga is the main protagonist of this milestone, although the thrillers of The Stone Lotus and Yes, They Will Pass!, each month contribute to seducing new readers from all over the world.

More than 160,000 readers are enjoying XaviVerso books.


‘Achieving this milestone brings us closer and closer to the long-awaited barrier of 200,000, an unthinkable dream when I started my dream of a transmedia book publishing and literary project,’ said author Xavier Marcé. ‘With the new web portals for XaviVerso and Mark of Odin, as well as our new strategies to grow internationally, I am convinced that every month we will be able to surprise many more readers with my creations.’

If you want to join the readers who already enjoy the XaviVerso books, all you have to do is purchase their collector’s editions, whether in paper or digital, in our store.


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