XaviVerso goes live with an exclusive preorder campaign till November 26th

After several months of development, we officially launched the XaviVerso platform, community and online store along with a Great Exclusive Preorder Campaign. Finally, the transmedia literary universe of author Xavier Marcé has a unified place where all readers and fans can meet so they can enjoy it. To celebrate this milestone, until November 26th you can preorder the collector’s editions of all our books at an exclusive price. The author Xavier Marcé explains it to you in the following video.

XaviVerso’s Books

While this Great Exclusive Preorder Campaign lasts, you will have the opportunity to reserve the following books, both individually and in collector packs.

Yes, they will pass. Civil War in 24 tweets

Could the democracy of a European Union nation be in danger in the 21st century? Find the answer in this political and journalistic thriller that imagines a fiction that could seem more real than one would like to believe.

Diseño de cubierta de Sí, pasarán. Guerra Civil española en 24 tweets. Thriller de ficción que mezcla actualidad con política y periodismo.

The Stone Lotus

A year after its limited publication during its early preorder campaign, we reissue this thriller that connects Spain with Vietnam in a surprising way with its new Collector’s Edition.

Diseño de cubierta del thriller de suspense y acción El loto de piedra que conecta España con Vietnam.

Mark of Odin

We take this opportunity to release new reissues of the three books of the saga that mixes modern events with Norse mythology and science fiction like you have never seen before.

Libros y capítulos de bonificación de La marca de Odín, la saga de libros que fusiona actualidad con mitología nórdica y ciencia ficción.

Exclusive t-shirt for the launch of the XaviVerso

We have designed an exclusive t-shirt that will be available only during this pre-order campaign to be purchased along with any of the editions or collector packs.

At the end of the Great Exclusive Preorder Campaign we will proceed to prepare all orders to be able to ship them as soon as possible.

XaviVerso achievement system

We want your stay in our new portal to be fun and offer you a progression experience. To do this, we have designed an achievement system with which to reward you every time you buy a book, comment, interact with the community and much more.

These achievements will reward you with our “internal currency”, the Xverses. With them you will not only be able to compete in future community rankings, but also use them to obtain exclusive advantages and discounts.

El XaviVerso cuenta con un sistema de logros y gamificación.

If you want to celebrate the launch of the XaviVerso with us in a big way, go to the Great Exclusive Reservation Campaign page now. 

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