We have shipped all the books from the Yes, they will pass! pre-order campaign!

This Friday, December 15, we proceeded to send all the Collector’s Editions of ‘Yes, they will pass. Spanish civil war in 24 tweets’ from the reservation campaign carried out for the launch of the XaviVerso. Shipments have been made using a new courier provider, so we hope they can reach readers’ homes in about three days.

Both books and exclusive t-shirts for the launch of XaviVerso are on the way. The shipment serves as a signal to carry out the imminent launch of the Digital Collectors’ Editions and activate the ‘My Library’ section, from where our registered readers will be able to upgrade their accounts to unlock access to the ebook and audiobook editions.

Remember, if you were not able to reserve the Collector’s Edition of Yes, they will pass, you can still purchase it before we run out of stock in our store.

We are very excited about this moment and we burn with desire to see the photos of the readers with the books and, above all, for them to be able to read them and share their impressions.




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