Digital Collectors Editions and My Library are now available

We are pleased to announce that the Digital Collector’s Editions of the XaviVerso books and the My Library section are now available. Starting today, readers who only want to enjoy our literary universe digitally will now be able to access the ebook and audiobook editions through the XaviVerso store.

Muestra de las Ediciones Digitales del XaviVerso

Digital Collectors Editions Benefits

Although readers around the world can purchase our books in ebook or audiobook separately through external platforms, purchasing a Digital Collector’s Edition in our store has many advantages.

Firstly, our Digital Collectors Editions include both ebooks and audiobooks. Not only that, they unlock exclusive achievements unique to the XaviVerso, they have no download limits or DRM. Additionally, by purchasing directly from us, you will give us more support than if you do so externally, so that we can continue to grow and produce new books and content.

My library

Starting today, all XaviVerso users who have purchased any of our collector’s editions, whether digital or paper, will be able to improve their accounts with the Online Pass keys included in their books.


Menú de usuario con la opción Mi Biblioteca


In the My Library section that you can find in your user’s menu, you can redeem codes to unlock download access to ebook and audiobook files, as well as earn exclusive achievements. Doing so will also allow them access to exclusive content that we may offer them in the future.

As our #MarkedbyOdin readers had requested, we have prepared the system to accept all the keys for Mark of Odin books since 2012. That is, readers will be able to upgrade their accounts with them and add their Mark of Odin books also in the XaviVerso.

Muestra de Mi Biblioteca

On the other hand, readers who purchased the Early Preorder Collector’s Edition of The Stone Lotus will soon receive an Online Pass key so they can access their ebook and audiobook completely free of charge.

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